An assessment of MW3’s balance.

Claims have been made that MW3 will be a balanced MW game, without the horrifically incompetent balancing and spawn-killing, blindsiding bullshit that has characterized the previous Modern Warfare games online.

A major factor in the perk imbalance of previous games has been perks (small customisations to abilities) that offer a direct advantage in combat, rather than a situational bonus. The best example would be in COD4, where in the same perk catagory, there were things like two primary weapons, faster reloading, and double bullet damage. Let me repeat that. Double bullet damage. As in, pick it or lose every shootout you get in.

Black Ops wisely removed this perk, but it left in something nearly as bad.
Quick ADS. ADS, or Aim Down Sights, slows you but renders your gun accurate enough to work beyond spitting distance, unless it’s an SMG, in which case it makes it work beyond spitting distance doubled.

Essentially, faster ADS means that you can start shooting the enemy accurately faster. Much faster. And it happens to be in MW3, as an early perk. It’s essential in both Black Ops and MW2, where it features.

In one of the online gameplay trailers, the heartbeat monitor can be spotted.
For those who don’t know, this is a weapon attachment basically tells you the location of everyone in front of you every 3-4 seconds, with sufficient radious that it’s impossible to frontally suprise someone with it unless you have the perk that makes you immune. It was hated by most of the players.

While it is admittedly unknown if they’ll change it, I can’t see how such a thing is going to be balanced.

Also seen in the gameplay trailers is a Bouncing Betty mine instantly killing an unwounded player. Mines have been incredibly lethal and annoying since COD4, placed at corners and spawn points, and the Bouncing Betty looks even worse than the conventional Claymore.

And thus, we round out the essential perk list for MW3. Slot 1: Quick ADS Slot 2: Immune to heartbeat monitors and Slot 3: Detect mines. I’m expecting everything else to be wasted development time. While little information about weapon power has been revealed, I can already justify my doubt that the developer claims of a balanced MW3 are anything but just another marketing ploy.

About chassisbird

Chassisbird is autistic, trans, a survivor of abuse, possibly gray-asexual, queer, polyromantic and very into D/s. It uses it/hir pronouns, tends towards apathy and would like to resemble a spider much more closely.
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