I respond to various things: #1

For some reason I unconsciously mixed up quotes and asterisks during this.

“Autism Speaks, speaks more for those that realize autism is a DISABILITY, not a difference.”

The only justification for calling autism a “difference” that I can see is from thinking that disability is a dirty word. By definition, every single autistic (and I am including the self-identified and including the supposedly “high functioning” here) I have ever met is disabled in one way or another, because we do not exist in a void.

We exist in a society built for allistics, and within that context we are disabled, because we differ from the model of ability set forth by society that is catered to throughout it.

*Autism Speaks doesn’t speak for the HFA/Aspie/NLD, self-dx’d*

Autism Speaks doesn’t specify an arbitary classification of autism it speaks for, and so it does attempt to speak for all autistics even if it speaks only for a minority of autistics so small that I’ve never seen one smidgen of it.

“‘ “let’s just give those on the other end of the spectrum more supports” ”

Again, Autism Speaks specifies no arbitary classification of autism, and even if it did, such classifications are false and arbitary binaries.

“and… “those with autism do not include those that have unmanageable behaviours – who kill” – like the ASAN/Hub crowd.”

To an ignorant, privilege-flaunting, ableist allistic, just about any autistic behavior they’re not familiar with is going to be unmanageable (whatever that’s supposed to mean). Autistics who kill? I’ve never even heard of one, but what I have heard of is a metric fuckton of allistic people abusing us. Show me some stats on how often they get killed for it.

*Autism isn’t a “cutsie” club. It’s a DISABILITY.*

No shit, Sherlock.

*A LIFE LONG disability.*

Oh, gee, I had no idea. (This is sarcasm, for people who have trouble detecting it)

*It’s not something that’s dealt with by tossing a few extra supports at the disabled end of the spectrum*

Both the notion of a spectrum and the notion of supposedly “high functioning” autistics have been dealt with, so I see little need to disprove this in any other ways.

*and being glad they can’t talk for themselves b/c you know they don’t want to live that way.*

I dare you to find me a single autistic who doesn’t communicate in some way, whether it’s talking, typing, sign language, or even something as simple as removing uncomfortable clothes or refusing to eat disliked foods. Also, given the fact that most disabled folk I’ve met or heard of do want to live like they do, there’s more evidence for the idea that the autistics you refer to would indeed want to live that way.

*They talk for those that realize that sticking your kid in a self-contained classroom – being kicked out of the same self-contained classroom like Kristina was today for no reason except the would not work with her;*

I’d address this, but it’s incomprehensible. Amusing, given that you suppose that people who can’t communicate with perfect ease don’t want to live.

“being afraid of going places for fear of meltdowns/bolting; the fear of leaving them in a group home…”

The fear of what a society designed for allistic people does to autistics is a flaw of autism instead of that society, now? That’s some pretty skewed logic.

“Is a reality”

Yes, it’s a reality that I live with as an autistic and know more about than you as a result. Oh, I’m sorry, did your little false binary not account for autistics who suffer from certain facets of an ableist society while still able to operate a PC (or, in this case, Ipod)?

“AS may use some methods that those that think Autism is a “cutsie” club don’t like…”

You mean like using about two percent of what they get on helping autistics, plenty of the rest on obscene salaries, and the rest on research about how to make sure we stop existing? Yeah, I totes need to have specific beliefs about autism to dislike that. (More sarcasm there, folks)

“and those that don’t think it’s a cutsie club fine a wee bit over the top”

Excuse me while I puke.

“… But the reality is… my son may be a lovely, cute little boy and loved by everyone… but that boy grows and without a “cure” or full developmental growth he is at the mercy of the system.”

God forbid we could just, I don’t know, change an easily changed system of some kind instead of eliminating the existence of an entire group of people with incredibly expensive and time consuming research. No, that would simply be unfeasible. (Sarcasm)

“ASAN/Hub autistic writers, would rather he not exist at all”

Oh, joy, we’re doing strawman fallacies now.

“and definately don’t want him to speak for himself.”

Conveniently you lack a single shred of even anecdotal evidence of any autistic ever (let alone an ASAN/Hub writer) holding this opinion.

“Get over yourselves, the world does not revolve around you,”

Yay, random insults! Personally, I’ve always favoured logical discourse.

“and stand up for those who cannot stand up for themselves.”

By ensuring they die out as a group based on an assumption with zero evidence for it and a fair bit against it? When you could try to actually, y’know, help instead? I mean, fuckin’ really? What kind of wild mental gymnastics are you performing in there?

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Chassisbird is autistic, trans, a survivor of abuse, possibly gray-asexual, queer, polyromantic and very into D/s. It uses it/hir pronouns, tends towards apathy and would like to resemble a spider much more closely.
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